Workforce & Team Training


A whole team approach is crucial when implementing change.

The issues of pregnancy loss, infertility and miscarriage do not discriminate, and statistically it is highly likely several people within a team have been, or will be affected by these issues. 

Our team training is informative, sensitive and appropriate for teams across levels and job roles. The workshops enable employees to recognise: 

  • The pervasiveness of these issues (definitions, statistics, prevalence and impact).

  • How to effectively communicate with affected colleagues through language skills training.

  • How to support colleagues returning-to-work following pregnancy loss.

  • Implications of a pro-natal culture. 

  • Your legal entitlements as an employee should you be affected by one or more of these issues. 

  • How to approach your line manager/HR should you be affected by one or more of these issues.

All sessions enable a discursive approach towards the issues. 

These training sessions can be conducted in-house or online.