HR & Executive Management Training

Our HR and Executive Management Training equips you with the confidence to be better informed, and in turn, to better support your employees facing the common, yet concealed, issues of pregnancy loss, infertility and childlessness. We do this through our research-informed, compassionate and practical workshops which, in brief, facilitate HR professionals and senior management to recognise:

  • The pervasiveness of these issues (definitions, statistics and prevalence).

  • The stigma and taboo surrounding these experiences. 

  • The significant impact of these reproductive issues, including mental health illness.

  • How to effectively communicate with affected employees through language skills training.

  • How to support employees returning-to-work following pregnancy loss.

  • Your legal responsibilities as an employer, including employee entitlements and legislative frameworks related to these issues.

  • Implications of a pro-natal working environment.

  • The explicit and implicit discrimination potentially faced by employees experiencing these issues and how to address this. 

  • How to promote an inclusive work culture

All sessions enable a practical and pragmatic conversational element. 

MIST also provide mentoring on these issues for one-to-one support for those working directly with employees. Policy writing and reviewing services are also available.